Today, I was able to concentrate on my work for the first time in 3 weeks. I had wrote text of 3000 words for a media. But it is not only for it, also for practice for my own novel. Until now I wrote text that the subject word is “I” as my diary, but I recently wanna try to write a text without using “I” as the subject word of text itself. I think the subject word should be things like ghosts unless the sentences are made by some independent text like a exchange of letters between some people. I think it is better way more than just a diary in order to express my experience and the story that I heard from people I met in my “Living Migration” project. By the way I chose the Piers Cafe opposite the station as my work office and had stayed over 5 hours with only 1 small cup of coffee and 1 cinnamon toast. I might have been the longest stay person in the cafe today. But any waiter seemed not to care about me.

Posted by satoshimurakami